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May 3, 2013 12:00pm EDT
re-talking about? are we talking about the barack obama that his -- the administration raised the fee for citizenship application to get back down again? don't get me started. i can go low sides on this because these politicians, that's my point, have moved them play this game like checkers or chess when it suits their interest in suits their politics. it's not just john mccain. >> i will tell what barack obama we are talking about. we are talking about the president obama that just won a re-election with 71% of the latino vote and understands there is a dead and we will not let him off the puck. i think it's a president obama who no longer has realm and manual as a chief of staff telling him it's too politically costly for you to do this in your first term. i think the president barack obama who wants a legacy and understand that this can be a major point for his legacy. to the point where he is stepping back. the question you asked antonio, if president obama had done what he said he was going to do and luis knows this and crossed his own legislation on congress to say here is my bi
Apr 29, 2013 8:30am EDT
's what president obama is talking about. that's why we'll continue to work with congress to pursue the proposal the president put forward in his budget, a proposal that once again is fully paid for. today's report emphasizes that when it comes to early education, quality does matter. and that quality means more than just learning numbers and the abcs. it means insuring kids get the nutrition and preventive care they need to stay healthy, building social and emotional skills, engaging parents to headache -- to make sure they're nurturing their children's development. over the last four years, we've pursued an historic effort to raise the bar on quality in early education, and we've had unprecedented and incredible coordination and collaboration with the department of education. that includes the race to the top early learning challenge, and it also includes a range of efforts in the head start program including sharing best practices on training and curriculum and making sure that funding competition goes to the strongest centers. so as in this report -- as this report shows, we hav
Apr 30, 2013 5:00pm EDT
, speak, and listen. the present shock. everything happens now. they talk about the book "big data" looking how digital information. all the program tonight on booktv on c-span2. president obama held a news conference earlier today at the white house marking the 100th day of the second term in office. he was discussed a group of issues including the use of chemical weapons in syria, the investigation to the boston marathon bombings. here's part of the comments about automatic spending cuts. >> you will recall that, you know, even as repeatedly as my campaign republicans were saying sequester is table. it was a disaster. it's going ruin or military, be disasterrous for the economy. we have to do something about it. then when it was determined that doing something about it might mean that we close tax loophole for the wealthy and well connected, suddenly we'll take the sequester. and the notion was somehow that we had exaggerated the effect of the sequester. remember? the president's crying wolf. he's chicken little. the sequester is no problem. then in rapid succession, suddenly whi
May 2, 2013 12:00pm EDT
-span student cam. we talked with the top three winners about the documentary and why president obama should make it his top award. >> my dad was featured interview. he was unemployed and going through the process of unemployment and everything at the time so i felt he would be a good subject to follow. so i kind of, i kind of followed his life. >> at the time i get introduction to law course and i was learning that it was a double standard for those under 18 and those over it. so i was sort of into children's rights, if you will. and i realized we don't have a say in the creation of the tech but we will have to pay it off. >> at first we had originally picked our topic, our infrastructure and the growing need for a public transportation in this country, so nolan and austin weren't very, how can i said, excited about the topic. but after i had explained it to them, they kind of got on. and while researching, nolan decided to have high-speed rail as one of the segments israel since that was important to the topic at our country. country. >> more from the winter saturday morning at 10 eastern
Apr 29, 2013 12:00pm EDT
one of the important things that he has been working on that we will talk about today is the work of the new atrocity prevention board and the commitment of the obama administration to try to prevent atrocity. i also think it's relevant that tony also has a very strong personal commitment to issues of holocausholocaus t memory that probably for a variety of reasons also stems from the fact that his stepfather is a very prominent holocaust survivor, samuel, survived auschwitz and became a very distinguished french jurist after that. so i thought that we might just start our talk today, before give them an opportunity, i want to show you a video clip we have of one of our survivor volunteers who, this is messy who survived auschwitz and she talked a little bit about the connection can her own connection of the story of the current they genocide. dana, do we have that video to show? >> although i was in france and i knew what was happening in darfur, but that woman standing there and saying in broken english, how she succeeded, how she came here. i thought to myself, it sounds like m
May 3, 2013 9:00am EDT
former chairmen of the senate budget committee will speak. kent conrad and judd gregg talking about budget deficits, taxes, and government spending. that's set to begin at 10:30 a.m. eastern. will have live coverage here right on c-span2. president obama in mexico today, part of a trip that season visiting costa rica as will pick is expected to speak to a group of students in mexico city about 10:15, about half hour or so from now and will have the live for you on our companion network c-span. c-span's road to the white house, 2016 coverage begins later today with two fund-raising events from columbia, south carolina, and vice president joe biden attending the state democratic party annual dinner. will have that live at 7:30 p.m. on c-span. and later, texas republican senator ted cruz in his remarks at an event honoring former senator jim demint. let's take a look at how "the associated press" is reporting the jobs numbers. the ap says u.s. employers added 165,000 jobs in april, and hiring was much stronger in the previous two months than first thought. .. >> the number of female co
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6